First night of La Salle Gueule (10/09/12)

La Salle Gueule has open its doors on saturday september the 8th. The BUTCHER PROJECT had the pleasure to be the first band to play on stage for the openning night. The show was composed of two bands in live ( The BUTCHER PROJECT and ZBEB (90's Punk from Martigues)), and DJs. It was a real pleasure to play there. We want to thank the crew of La Salle Gueule and all the people who were there for supporting us.

Pictures and videos will be available soon.

Let it bleed!!!

Summer Break (02/08/12)
This is summer break, but the band is not in off mode. The band is currently working on two new songs. Those new songs should be played in live for next gig. Wait and see...

The BUTCHER PROJECT covers are on going. Moonlight Shadow is to be mixed. Final version will be released soon. Personal Jesus recording will start this week end. Final version of Personal Jesus should be ready for end of August or for beginning of September.

Set List (21/06/12)
The Set List is now composed by:
- Glory & Butchery
- Pride
- Principe d'AliƩnation
- 16/06
- Mes Que Un Club
- Vengeance
- Saint Patrick's Day
- A l'Abattoir
- Sun Is Rising
- Don't Close Your Eyes
- For A Thousand Reasons
- Moonligth Shadow (M. Oldfield)
- Personal Jesus (Depech Mode)
- On Est Saoul Et On Casse Tout
In Live with PYROKLAST and FILTHY CHARITY (19/05/12)
Yesterday The BUTCHER PROJECT was playing live at l'Enthropy with PYROKLAST (US) and FILTHY CHARITY (FR). It has been a great concert. A lot of people was there to see the bands. Hot atmosphere. Powerful music. And a lot of beers... We would like to thanks everyone who came to support us. Special thank to musicians of PYROKLAST and FILTHY CHARITY. Hoping to play again with you soon.

The BUTCHER PROJECT played for the first time in live one of its covers, Moonligth Shadow. We hope that you enjoyed that "bleeding" version as much as we took pleasure to play it. Once again, LET IT BLEED!!!

Covers (29/04/12)

The BUTCHER PROJECT is working on two covers. The first cover is Personal Jesus of Depeche Mode (1989). It will change a bit of what the band is used to play. But it will also give a new breath to that song, which has been several times covered, by bringing aggressiveness and energy. The second song is Moonligth Shadow of Mike Oldfield (1983). That song has been a top song of Pop Music. The BUTCHER PROJECT is trying to make it a real Punk/Metal song.

Lastest news: The BUTCHER PROJECT will be playing live at l'ENTHROPY (1 rue Consolat, 13001 Marseille) on Friday 18th May with PYROKLAST (Hardcore / Punk / Thrash, from Madison US) and FILTHY CHARITY (Extreme Noise Terror, from Marseille). The concert is part of "The Madness Confounds European Tour 2012" of PYROKLAST.

More pictures (14/04/12)

Pictures of two last concerts are now available on the site (Photos section). Special thanks to Dan, Voidborn and Shadow Broker. Videos will be on Youtube soon.

The band is looking for new dates. Please, contact us for any propositions at contact@thebutcherproject.

Concert at Dan Racing (28/03/12)

The BUTCHER PROJECT is playing Live at DAN RACING (17 rue Poggioli, 13006 Marseille) with VOIDBORN and SHADOW BROKER. The show is on Friday the 6th of April (06/04/12). Don't miss it.

Back on stage! (13/03/12)

Saturday night (10/03/2012) was First times night: First concert of 2012, First concert with BenJ (he has been great!), First time the band plays in live "Sun is rising" and "Vengeance".

Pictures of the concert are available in Photos section (thanks to Dan Mars). Thank you to poeple who came to support us. Special thanks to L'Enthropy, Inquisition and Damas.

Hoping to see you soon again.

New Date (16/02/12)

The BUTCHER PROJECT is back on stage!!!

It will be the occasion to see the first concert of BenJ as Drums player with The BUTCHER PROJECT. Hoping to give a lot of shows with him.

The band will play at L'Enthropy (1 rue Consolat, 13001 Marseille) with DAMAS and JACK FACE. See you there on Saturday the 10th of March 2012.

Set List (09/02/12)
The Set List is composed by:
- Glory & Butchery
- Pride
- Principe d'AliƩnation
- 16/06
- Mes Que Un Club
- Vengeance
- Saint Patrick's Day
- A l'Abattoir

More news about the Set List later on...


Welcome to The Butcher Project website (03/02/12)

The Butcher Project is happy to welcome you on its official website. That website will give more news about the band as dates, pictures, recordings...

Hoping to see you again on the web.

Let it bleed...

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