Death Church Review (03/10/14)
Here is a feedback of Dead Church website about our gig at the Secret Place.
Bruce et Seb’, philosophes maison de la "cassette" et du "barrez-vous !", en sont déjà à traumatiser BUTCHER PROJECT au moyen de l’inénarrable "la chatte, le feu !!" (Ici c’est Montpellier, tremblez musiciens !) que le groupe prend le pli puis avoine sévèrement au moyen d’un brutal punk / hxc de derrière les fagots, mention spéciale aux parties thrashy terribles, cool !! Rien d’original mais de la puissance en quantité industrielle avec parfois des passages de gratte à la SLAYER / EXODUS ainsi qu’une influence pour laquelle le groupe de tête d’affiche a un faible, les gros choeurs pleins de ohhohooohooo. Notez bien qu’il fallait oser finir sur une reprise de Maniac, excellent morceau au demeurant.

You can get the full feedback by cliking here
A Night With The Casualties (30/09/14)
We are very proud to be sharing the stage of the Secret Place with The CASUALTIES (and with FightForPeaceMotte of course). This is the kind of band we were listening in the car during our travel in Italy. This is the kind of band we buy CDs and shirts. This is the kind of band which gives you the will to play music. inspiration source... a way to follow... and we played with them!!! It was so great! it's a bit we could die rigth after that! We thanks them for their kindness and beers... We wish them a lot of fun for the end of the tour. Hoping to meet them again!
Back After Summer Break (01/09/14)
It has been a long time we did not give any news... Butcher is still alive. And maybe not for long... ;) During this summer the band worked on a 80's cover (Maniac - Michael Sembello). Playing such type of songs in a hardcore way is what we like to do. we gonna play for the first time in our next show.

As we talking about shows, the end of the year gonna be full of gigs. Please, remerber and come to see us at:
- La Machine A Coudre (17/09/14)
- Secret Place (25/09/14) with THE CASUALTIES (Yes!!!!)
- Le Local (18/10/14)
- Salle des Fetes de Marthod (01/11/14)
- La Salle Gueule (22/11/14)
- Molotov (04/12/14)

We should also be proud to annonce the release of our new EP... coming soon.
From Genova's Hell to Prato's War (10/06/14)
Our trip in Italy was amazing! We met a lot of nice poeple and played with great bands. First we would like to thank Geepe, Roberto, Alberto and Thomaso for the organisation.Then we want to thanks all the poeple who came to the show and share our energy with us; with a special thank to guys from Torino. We realy enjoy to play live in those places with such bands as Drunken Corps, Sevitia, La Follia,... We are very impatient to come back again. We love you all!!!!!

Italian dates (02/05/14)

We can confirm that Tha Butcher Project will be in Italy begining of June for some dates. Two concets are now confirmed:

- 06/06/2014 - Terra Di Nessuno (Genova)
- 07/06/2014 - Casa Occupta (Scandicci)

If more italian dates are confirmed, they will be annonced here. Stay tuned...

New songs coming (15/04/14)

Some videos from last concert at Le Local will be soon on Youtube.

The band is currently working on two news songs:
- Misanthropy Is Not A Crime
- Nobody Else But Yourself
They should be ready for next concerts (Dan Rcing May 30th; Pussy Twister June 13th).

We're still there (08/03/14)

Live activities of Butcher since the begining of the year is as fast as we could have wished. Anyway, we are taking time to record some songs. We are preparing for mid 2014 a new EP. This EP should be composed by 6 songs. More news about it will come soon.

Next gig will take place at Le Local with Poste942 (Stoner) on April 11th.

The Butcher Project is on Bandcamp (31/01/14)

Songs from Split with Filthy Charity and from Neanderthal Prod complation are available on Bandcamp. Click on this link. We will add more songs as soon as possible.

Split with Filthy Charity Review (29/01/14)
Here is first review of our Split with Filthy Charity:
Split between the seniors ( Filthy ) and the youth ( Butcher Project). the first ones are a grind band with a core hints Crust, shouted vocals of the two protagonists of the group, one rather sharp and the other a Finnish rather , it holds great standing , I must say they have a relative past behind them (20 / 25 years of band !) . 5 good songs , although impressive , with slow passages outright martial and dark . Not really a surprise, but a good confirmation of things i've seen on stage. Butcher project are newer and when I had saw them in show , I admit that I did not expect so much and I was very pleasantly surprised , fast hardcore , a little touch of Negative Approach , Lockjaw , or Agnostic Front ( when they were hardcore ) . The Vynil not transcribed it wrong , just missing a bit of anger , but at the same time it is often the case of the first recordings of a group. Nevertheless, the tracks are effective, and a good time is going to listen to this record, and especially important, it makes you want to see more.


Back to the web (29/12/13)

It's after several weeks of computer break that The Butcher Project is happy to be back. As you noticed only a few information have been updated during these last weeks. This was due to a break of our computer... Now it's solved. We are back!

What did you miss? The band give several concerts. It was great to play again with our friends of Creepy Cats Cadillac and Fanschool Terrorists. We enjoyed it. Our gig at Hyeres has been cancelled as our mini tour in UK. We are making all our efforts to have opportunity to play at those places next time. New songs have been add to the set list: Undead (the Pebron Army); The Day I Woke Up. You will probably hear them at our next concert.

Let it bleed!

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