THE BUTCHER PROJECT is a Punk/Metal/HxC band from Marseille (France). This project has been created in March 2009. The sound of THE BUTCHER PROJECT is a real butchery. It makes ears bleeding. Influenced by various music trends as Trash, Metal, Punk, Metalcore... the band avoids any flourishes and superficial elements, in order to emphasize the essential of music: its energy. Playing speed, simple, and efficient songs, the band cuts meat in live wherever the doors are open for them.

After a few changes of line-up, THE BUTCHER PROJECT is now composed by Ciko (voice), Loki (Guitar), Isa (Bass), and BenJ (Drums). All four play music for having fun and for sharing the music they like. "Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood..." as someone said years ago.

...Pride to be free... Pride to live now... Pride to be real... Pride to be here...

Hereunder some important dates for the band:

> March 2009: Split of POG MO THOIN (Punk/Marseille). Isa (Bass), Matt(Drums), and Loki (Guitar) decide to continue the carnage. THE BUTCHER PROJECT is born.

> April 2010: Coming from "Curva Manatona de Torino", Il Ciko joins the band and becomes a Butcher.

> July 2010: The band tears meat on stage for the first time as THE BUTCHER PROJECT.

> October 2010: Matt leaves its bloody apron.

> January 2011: Mike takes the meat cleavers as drums player.

> September 2011: The band participates with two songs to a compilation of crusty metal and fast-grind-punk-hardcore. BenJ becomes a Butcher instead of Mike.

> March 2012: The band starts concerts with the new line-up. Future is beeing written...

> September 2012: After several concerts, the band gets for the first time its own merch (T-Shirts and stickers)

> July 2013: After 2 months of recording, the band proposes with FILTHY CHARITY a split. Five songs are part of this split.

> June 2014: First mini-tour abroad. Two gigs in Genova and Prato (Italy). Great experience. To be renewed as soon as possible

> September 2014: The BUTCHER PROJECT was proud to open for The CASUALTIES at Secret Place. A dream became reality.

The Set List consists of:

01/ Glory & Butchery
02/ Pride
03/ Principe d'AliƩnation
04/ 16/06
05/ Mes Que Un Club
06/ Vengeance
07/ Saint Patrick's Day
08/ A l'Abattoir
09/ Sun Is Rising
10/ Don't Close Your Eyes
11/ For A Thousand Reasons
12/ Moonligth Shadow (M. Oldfield cover)
13/ Personal Jesus (Depech Mode cover)
14/ On Est Saoul Et On Casse Tout
15/ Addicted To Life


16/ King Of An Empty Land
17/ Shiza Radio (Shaka Ponk cover)
18/ Barney's Farm
19/ In Bones Remains Violence
20/ Undead (The Pebron Army)
21/ The Day I Woke Up
22/ John Peter
23/ Astro Zombies (Misfits cover)
24/ Nobody Else But Yourself
25/ Misanthropy Is Not A Crime
26/ Maniac (Michael Sembello cover)